New Age Verification Laws

Dear user,

The elected officials in your state: Texas, Louisiana, Utah, Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Montana, are requiring us to verify your age before allowing you access to our adult website. Giving your ID card every time you want to visit an adult website is not the most effective solution for protecting your safety.

Mandating age verification without proper enforcement gives websites the opportunity to choose whether or not to comply. As we’ve seen in other states, this just drives traffic to sites with far fewer safety measures in place and away from business in the United States. To protect user privacy, any legislation must be enforced against all platforms offering adult content.

We believe the most effective solution for protecting you is to identify each user by their device and allow access to age-restricted materials and websites based on that identification. Until a real solution is offered, that is not unconstitutional, we have made the difficult decision to completely disable access to our website in your state.

Please contact your representatives and demand device-based verification solutions that make the internet safer while also respecting your privacy.